We are changing the way restaurateurs use their POS to improve their business; making life easier for restaurants.


Say goodbye to your current POS.
Say hello to QuickOrder.

Too many restaurateurs experience difficulties running their restaurant. It’s overwhelming. In 2008, the smartphone replaced the flip phone. Today, your POS is being replaced by a restaurant management system (RMS).

The time is now. Not tomorrow, not on Sunday, now. Today.

Here to empower restaurateurs

As a restaurateur, you have one goal, one objective: to serve your customers. Give your guests an experience they won’t forget, and they will come back. We know it’s not easy running a restaurant. We want you and your restaurant to succeed. And that is why we created QuickOrder: The one-stop RMS for restaurateurs to run a better and more efficient restaurant.

By creating a centralized hub for all business critical elements, QuickOrder enables restaurateurs to make better decisions, make fewer mistakes, and to run a more efficient restaurant – from day one. It’s like hiring a restaurant manager with +15 years of experience – from your restaurant. The value is immense; the price to pay is low.


It's all about the experience


Your guests deserve a great experience every time they visit your restaurant. It doesn’t matter whether they are eating in or taking out. Experience is key. From start to finish. From booking to payment.

We see this as a joint venture. We are in this together.

This is QuickOrder. That’s how we do things. That’s how we roll.

Together to Serve.