Not in my sushi restaurant.

The #1 challenge to running a great sushi restaurant

You have countless everyday tasks
And all of a sudden, Laura called in sick.

You have so much to do

Accounting, marketing, managing employees, sourcing, business strategy etc.

Your margins are razor-thin

Therefore, running a restaurant needs to be efficient: from table booking to payment.
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Spend time on things that matter
Say goodbye to your current POS, say hello to QuickOrder.

Planning made simple

Planning your work schedule will be like a walk in the park, seriously.

Worry less

The only concern you’ll have is running a great sushi restaurant—as it should be.

Do great work

It’s a hustle to run a restaurant. We are in this together. Focus on your restaurant; we focus on making it easier for you.

"I always hire more part time than full-time people when opening a new takeaway restaurant"

Jennifer, Waiter at Wok Pop

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