25. August

New Brand Identity & Product Design for Quickorder

Today marks a big day in Quickorder history. Weorder is merging into the Quickorder name, and QuickOrder as you know it, is getting a complete overhaul of all its accounts.

Why re-brand?

Since 2014 Quickorder has grown into a multi-platform SaaS company with offices in Oslo, Copenhagen and Odense. We’re now more than 70 people and new talents are joining every month. It’s safe to say that Quickorder is not only here to stay, but indeed here to scale and become one of the biggest players on the entire European market.

With this kind of growth – company wise – it’s only natural to look towards our product design as well as our brand. It’s not all about growth, it’s about our customers as well. We created a new scalable design system with a human-centric visual identity.

HQ in Odense, DenmarkHQ in Odense, Denmark
HQ in Odense, Denmark

What’s new?

Let’s start with the obvious, the new Quickorder logo.

The new Quickorder logo is designed to be timeless and more recognizable than the previous one. The bolder and more symmetric font gives a calmer look and enhances readability and scalability. The capital “O” in “QuickOrder” has been lowered to give a more straightforward spelling of our company name.

The new Quickorder logoThe new Quickorder logo
The new Quickorder logo

A more characteristic icon

The new Quickorder icon is designed to be more unique without losing its simplicity and scalability. The icon can be used separately or as part of the actual logo, to further enhance Quickorders unified brand and strengthen the cohenrecy between our products and identity.

Product design: New, yet familiar

Introducing a new design to a system our customers already know and love, is a delicate matter. We’ve aimed to improve the existing design and update the looks, without compromising the usability and functionality.

Old and new Point Of Sale design, side by sideOld and new Point Of Sale design, side by side
Old and new Point Of Sale design, side by side
Old and new modules view from iPad, side by sideOld and new modules view from iPad, side by side
Old and new modules view from iPad, side by side
Old and new POS Backoffice, side by sideOld and new POS Backoffice, side by side
Old and new POS Backoffice, side by side
New online ordering / self serviceNew online ordering / self service
New online ordering / self service

When & where?

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already noticed our new website and gotten a taste of our new look and feel through social media. From this moment, all Quickorder’s public presence has been updated to match the new brand and identity.

Product design update will follow shortly

Starting Monday the 30th of August, Quickorder’s products will be updated to match the new identity. In the following weeks, our customer can expect:

  1. Design updates and a new skin
  2. Improved system stability and performance
  3. Usability enhancements and more

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For further information please reach out to steffen.andersen@quickorder.io

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