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The QuickOrder Story

It all began with terrible customer experience at a café in downtown Odense, Denmark. A group of friends were having a beer. They wanted another beer. It was close to impossible to buy another round of beers.

Right there and then, the idea of QuickOrder was born, and the five friends embarked on a joint journey to help restaurateurs run a more efficient (and better) restaurant by developing an iPad-based POS for restaurants, cafés etc.

The five friends even dropped out of high school to follow their dreams.

2017-2018: Make or break

2017 was a year full of bad decisions and the company’s first hire. The company steadily grew … but by the end of 2018, QuickOrder needed funding … or else the company would collapse, leaving employees and founders without a job. Saved by the bell, QuickOrder was able to raise money; founders were relieved and ready to rock on.

No way back

2017 and 2018 were two incredibly tough years for the company. 2019 was the year when things started to fall into place. The company grew and grew. More customers, more hires.

Norway here we come

2019 was the year when QuickOrder expanded to Norway; the company’s first international market.

POS 2.0

Fast forward to 2020, today. QuickOrder is still growing. The company is always trying to improve and perfect the solution to benefit restaurateurs. Too many restaurateurs still experience difficulties running their restaurant. It’s overwhelming.

In 2008, the smartphone replaced the flip phone. Today, restaurateurs should replace their POS with a restaurant management system (RMS).

The time is now. Not tomorrow, not on Sunday, now. Today.

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QuickOrder HQ

Møllekajen 7, 2. th.
5000 Odense C

+45 27 85 0987
Mads Wedderkopp
+45 27850987
Head of Global Marketing
Asger Teglgaard
+45 53347763