A POS like no other POS

In all the stress and mess, Susan lost her vision

Four employees

Peter, Birgitte, Hanne and Bente. That’s all of them. Altogether, they are pursuing one goal: to serve their guests.

Mostly takeaway

From 9 am to noon, most customers want a coffee to go.

A motivation to grow

Susan has a vision.
In six months, his café needs to be better, bigger and more efficient.

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Susan pays £50 per month

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Or maybe, this is more you…

Jamie knew his restaurant could do better

19 employees

Planning next week’s work-schedule is easy. Jamie plans with 1-click.

Most nights are busy

Everyone in our restaurant purpose one goal: to create an extraordinary experience for our guests.

Never off work

Things have changed. With QuickOrder, Jamie easily outsources tasks and responsibilities.

An endless to-do list

Complexity? Not in Jamie’s restaurant.

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Jamie pays £100 per month

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