Shift and Pay Scheduling

Get rid of the hassle. But even better: Do your employees a favor, have their payroll and shift schedule in place.

Have you heard of intelligent shift schedules?

Your employees can use the app from their smartphone where they can accept, request and even trade shifts with each other. Additionally, using the system, you can call more staff to work and make wiser decisions based on your shift allowances.

One click. Then you have more freedom.

Approve shifts. Release staff. Pay the correct and accurate salary. You can do it all with one click from our intuitive system that anyone can use.

Shift exchange and available shifts

Your staff can exchange shifts internally. You, as the manager, just have to approve them. And when you are missing a chef, kitchen porter or waiter/waitress, you can use the system to invite more staff but offering shifts. You can even choose who gets the shift.

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