A free table booking system for Restaurants

Never pay for table booking… Never!

You and your guests deserve
a treat

With Seater you:

  • Save up to £4,000 annually
  • Provide better service with the Customer Segments feature ©
  • Take advantage of every space in your restaurant

8 out of 10 restaurant owners have this problem

When we talk to restaurateurs, they say their staff spend several weeks getting into new systems. Errors happen and it harms the guest’s experience.

That’s why we hired one of Denmark’s best graphic designers. Even if you have never used ‘Seater’, you can easily navigate your way around just like using a new phone!

Exceptionally good service

Your employees already do a lot for your guests. It’s hard to ask for more. That’s why we’ve implemented Customer Segments© so you can provide a personalized service for each guest.

Want to do your guests a favour?

Then use Seater – a free booking system for Restaurants.

See how
easy it is

Guests book their table in less than 30 seconds. You will receive a notification and the guest will receive an email and/or SMS.

Not just
a table booking system