What happens in Denmark, needs to be shared!

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The Danes are ranked amongst the happiest people in the world every year, so what are they doing that we are not? 

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the UK that didn’t grow up playing with Lego or enjoying a Hans Christian Andersen story retold beautifully through Disney movies. Even playing snake on the Nokia 3310 probably made it into your childhood memories one way or another. It’s not just kids that benefit from our friends in the north over the years, you may have seen the Danish influence creeping over the UK for the last couple of years yourself.

Since the early 2010s, the Dains have been importing culture alongside their beer and toys. Most of the culture is based on one thing. Hygge. Restaurants, cafes, and bars in the UK are chasing this feeling of cozy, comfort led, candlelit culture. It’s not hard to see why intimate settings with natural colors are very much here to stay. Minimalist, user friendly, and simple enticing atmospheres are bringing scandi living to the UK.

It is almost impossible to fake or even replicates, it’s a feeling, there is no data, just opinions. 

One thing for sure though, Its helping restaurants, bars and cafes connect with their customers on a much more personal level. 

It’s not hygge alone that is helping these establishments stay ahead of the competition. 

The newest string in the bow is much more tangible than a feeling, and the data is alive and kicking! 
The secret follows the same principles of simple, minimalist design but this time you won’t need to tear down any wall or buy funny shaped light bulbs. 
QuickOrder is the newest import to join the list of tech that hails from the land of legends. 
Rather than a feeling, it’s an all in one EPOS system that has been designed and incorporated to help hospitality join the realms of tomorrow’s technology. 
We empower leaders with the software they need in order to make data lead decisions to optimize their workforce on all critical aspects of their business. 
The word happy even holds its roots in Norse language, entering the english language pre 10th century. We changed the way you spoke, now let’s change the way you run your business. 
 We are excited to be launching into the UK and we are very happy to jump on a call and explore more about what a partnership with us means!

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