About Quickorder

We believe in your restaurant. Together we can build the next generation of restaurants.

What we do

We provide the only restaurant system you need to run your restaurant. Scale your business and increase customer loyalty based on guest data. We provide actionable insights to connect with your guests.

We can tell you the profitability on a specific table, per square meter or if you are under-staffed. We can even show your guests lifetime value and frequency of visits. Track the most important restaurant KPI’s to grow your sales and profitability.

Who we are

Founded in 2014, we are a Nordic restaurant technology company based in Norway and Denmark, operating in four Nordic markets. We are a passionate team here to serve you while you are serving your guests.

In August 2023, we marked an exciting turning point in our journey, as we proudly became part of the Shopbox family. This partnership is more than just a change in ownership; it's a powerful testament to our impressive success and the vast potential that lies ahead. Under the visionary leadership of Shopbox, Quickorder continues its ambitious journey towards new heights, always with a keen focus on innovation, exceptional customer service, and cutting-edge technological advancement.

We are here to look after your bottom line

As a restaurateur, you have one goal: to serve your guests. Give your guests an experience they won’t forget, and they will come back.

Statistics show that profitability comes from regulars, not one-time visitors. So we want you to make better decisions and have less admin time.

At Quickorder, your restaurant's success is our goal.

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