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From administrative tasks to orders printed in the kitchen, Quickorder makes it easier to run your restaurant, café, and takeaway place. We have everything you need to run your restaurant.

Point of Sale

Handle orders, payments, and prints in the kitchen and bar. Automate your restaurant's sales figures in your financial system. Quickorder reduces your daily struggles and makes it easy for you and your employees to run an efficient restaurant with a user-friendly system.

Business Dashboard

Table Management


Experience better insight into your business wherever you are. Get your real-time business data sent directly to you so you can make decisions based on data and knowledge instead of assumptions. Quickorder's back office gives you access to dashboards, inventory management, administration, integration, and more.

Online Ordering

Allow your guests to order, reorder and pay when they want. Letting your guests order from their smartphones gives your employees more time to do other tasks. In addition, you'll get an app that matches your brand and identity.




Scan, order, and pay. It doesn't get any easier. Guests can order and pay by scanning a QR code on the table. Spend less time and resources and let your guests handle the ordering and payment – it's a win-win situation.

Hybrid ordering

With hybrid ordering, both guests and servers can order for the table. This will free up time, minimise wait times and increase order size. In addition, we collect the orders in one bill, so the guests don't have to worry about separate ordering and payment.




Ordering has never been easier. With hybrid ordering, both the guests and the servers can handle orders. As a result, the guest experience reduced wait times and enhanced service experience.

Guest Loyalty

Loyalty brings your guests back. We help you create regulars by giving you tools to communicate directly with guests outside the restaurant. With targeted marketing, you turn guests into regulars. Our loyalty module is simple and easy, and fully integrated.


Cash Points


Do you have a special offer you'd like to tell your guests about? Now you can! With Guest Loyalty, you can message your guests and invite them back for new visits.

Third-party integrations

From card terminals to accounting. A wide range of technology and systems integrate with Quickorder. We connect your restaurant to the rest of the world. And it's free!

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