Turn guests into regulars

Redefine the guest experience with a robust loyalty program. Reward and retain guests with customised offers and boost your restaurant sales!

Give your guests extra value

Give your guests a relevant loyalty program. Engage them with relevant offers or reward them with cash points every time they place an order. The more your guests order, the bigger discount they redeem, the more you earn.

Retain your guests with special offers and discounts

Let loyal guests earn and redeem cashpoint

Increase visits to your restaurant and your profits

Bring the guests back

Give your guests an extra nudge towards choosing your restaurant for dinner tonight. Offer them a free menu item or double up their cash points. Fill the tables on a slow night and use data to determine which loyalty features bring you the most profits.

Engage and reward your guests

Sell more with popups and discounts

Learn which rewards boost your sales the most

Get to know your guests

How many guests do you know by their first name? 5 - 10 - 50? What if you knew them all? With a loyal customer base, you not only know your guests' names, but you also know how often they visit, what they like to order, how much they spend on average, and much more. Now you can give a personalised service to everyone.

Treat every guest as a regular

Identify and segment guests based on shared criteria

Track spending habits, per visit and lifetime

Take the step towards a more profitable restaurant

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A loyalty system for restaurants, coffee shops and takeaway

Finally, you can collect and own your guests’ data. Use the data to build loyalty and increase your sales. You can now create customised marketing campaigns and personalised offers and send them directly to your guests.

Easy-to-use loyalty program

Our Loyalty program is made for restauranteurs. No technical experience is needed to set up your campaigns and engage with your guests.

Free 24/7 support

Our Support Team is here to help you exactly when you need help. From the moment you open your restaurant to the moment you close down for the day. And at any moment in between.

Increase your restaurant’s revenue

Creating exclusive offers for your loyalty program members will motivate them to visit your restaurant again and again. The more your guests are spending, the more you are earning.

Reduce your acquisition costs

Attracting new guests is far more expensive than retaining existing ones. Instead, focus your marketing efforts on your repeat guests and welcome them to your restaurant time and time again.

Make your restaurant's brand recognisable

Stay ahead of your competitors and on top of your guests’ minds with direct marketing messages. Gain a strong market position and reduce the chance of menu or price comparison.

Understand your guests

Understand your guests’ buying behaviour based on campaign performance. With built-in statistics, you can evaluate which offers work best on a Friday night, which discounts get you the highest takeaway revenue or which exclusive offers bring in the most restaurant visits. Get an overview of your loyalty program performance and make decisions that drive your business forward.

Improve the guest experience

Use loyalty data during your guests’ visit to the restaurant. Your waiters can customise their upsell offers based on the guests' previous orders. Does your guest prefer wine or cocktails? Does your guest have a sweet tooth or enjoy a salty snack? Personalise the guests’ experience and increase the order size.

Personalise your loyalty program

Create personalised campaigns by segmenting your guests based on shared criteria, e.g. time of past purchases, the average spent, order of a specific meal or a family package etc. Write a relevant message and make your loyalty program members feel like the offer is tailor-made for them.

Restaurant loyalty programRestaurant loyalty program

More than a loyalty program

Mobile ordering

Let guests order online from the restaurant or at home.

A mobile ordering system with a fully integrated loyalty program. Let the guests order via their phone so you can collect data on their favourite dishes, the average spent and much more. Use the platform for receiving both dine-in and takeaway orders.

Point of sale

One platform to run your restaurant.

A point of sale system connected to all your other restaurant systems - from mobile ordering and loyalty to staff management and accounting. Get an overview of your restaurant numbers and make the right decisions to grow your business.


What is a restaurant loyalty program?

A restaurant loyalty program is specifically designed for the restaurant industry and its guests. Typically, loyalty programs connect either with the point of sale or mobile ordering systems. They help restauranteurs track their guests’ visits and spendings and reward their loyalty. Rewards often include discounts, special offers, cash points, free menu items or early access to exclusive events.

How to increase guest loyalty in restaurants?

Growing your guests’ loyalty goes beyond the kitchen. Of course, food is essential, but guests return to restaurants where they get a memorable experience and get rewarded for their loyalty. Investing in a digital loyalty program helps you retain more guests by offering them incentives to visit your restaurant. Loyalty programs also help you build a closer relationship with your guests by collecting data such as favourite menu items or special occasions like birthdays.

Do restaurant loyalty programs work?

Restaurant loyalty programs are a great way to engage with repeat guests. Loyal guests tend to place bigger orders than first-time visitors. Therefore, it’s crucial to nurture the relationship and offer incentives, e.g. discounts, that will bring the guests to your restaurant over and over again.

What are good ideas for restaurant loyalty programs?

The most effective loyalty programs for restauranteurs are the digital ones. They help restaurant managers collect guests’ data and use it for marketing purposes. Other good ideas that can bring your restaurant’s guests back include vouchers and discount or stamp cards.

Which is the best loyalty program for restaurants in 2022?

Digital loyalty programs bring in the most value for restaurants in 2022. Online programs help restauranteurs collect guests’ contact information to send direct marketing messages with offers, discounts, or special event invites. For the guests, digital loyalty programs are an easy way to collect cash points and redeem rewards or discounts.

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