Turn guests into regulars

How do you reach your guests after they leave? With Loyalty, we give you all the tools to turn your one time guests into regulars. With our guest information, you can treat every guest as a regular.

Bring the guest back

Turn one-time visitors into regulars. Do you know what happens with guests once they leave your restaurant? No? Loyalty helps you reconnect with them. Reach your guests via SMS. Give loyal guests rewards automatically with cash points. Share coupons and discount codes. All the tools you need to get your guests coming back again and again.

Send SMS to your past guests

Give loyal guests discounts automatically with cashpoints

Share coupons and discount codes to all your guests or only your repeat guests

Know your guests

Get to know your guests How many guests do you know by their first name? 5 - 10 - 50. What if you knew them all? With a loyal customer base, you will not only learn your guest's names, but you will also know how often they visit, what they like to order, how much they spend and much more. Now you can give a better service to everyone.

Treat each guest like a regular

Identify and segment loyal guests by behaviour

Track spending habits, per visit and lifetime

Give your guests extra value

Engage and reward your guests. Give your guests an extra nudge towards choosing your restaurant for dinner today. Offer cash points, rewards, discounts or reach your loyal guest directly via SMS. Fill the tables on a slow night and use data to determine which Loyalty features bring you the best results.

Reward your loyal guests with cashpoints

Sell more with popups and discounts

Learn which rewards keeps regulars coming back

Take the step towards a more profitable restaurant

Are you ready for a modern system? Book a meeting with our experts to learn how now!

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