Online Ordering for Restaurants

Diversify your sales channels and save on third-party fees with online ordering. Improve your restaurant guests’ dining experience and offer effortless online ordering for your takeout customers.

Let your guests order from their phone

By scanning a QR-code, guests can browse your menu and place their orders on demand without waiting for service. All that via their phone. Streamline the ordering process and give your waiters the time they need to provide exceptional service.

Enhance your guest experience with easy online ordering

Increase your average order size with built-in upsell functions

Improve your orders’ accuracy with added notes

Simplify payments

Your guests no longer have to wait for the bill, and waiters no longer have to run around with terminals. Guests pay with their phones via a credit card or a mobile payment application. Reduce waiting time and welcome new guests faster.

Let the guests pay at their convenience

Increase your table turnover

Wave goodbye to Dine & Dash

Sell more takeaway

Give your guests the flexibility to order their favorite dishes from the couch, office, or while on their way to your restaurant. Offer a seamless online ordering experience and multiple payment options.

Save money and reduce reliance on third-party food services

Handle all your orders in one place - your POS

Automatically notify your guests when their order is ready

Take the step towards a more profitable restaurant

Are you ready for a modern system? Book a meeting with our experts to learn how now!

Online ordering for your restaurant or café

Customise the online ordering page with your logo and brand colours. You can upload pictures of your menu items and dining area to recreate your restaurant’s experience via your digital menu.

Fully integrated with your POS

Online ordering is fully integrated with your point of sale system, from updating specials and prices in your menu to registering payments and creating reports. Get a complete overview of your restaurant’s performance.

Free 24/7 support

Our support team is always ready to help! Restaurants don't work from 9 to 5. Therefore, our clients get technical support around the clock, completely free of charge.

Maximize your profits

Online ordering increases your sales. Guests who have more time to engage with your menu spend up to 25% more than guests who feel rushed to place an order by a busy waiter. What’s more, mobile ordering allows your guests to quickly order a second drink or an extra dish during their meal without waiting for the server.

Lower your expenses

Online ordering not only helps you sell more but also lowers your expenses and dependency on third-party food marketplaces and delivery services. In addition, managing your own takeout offering adds an extra revenue stream to your business.

Never miss an order again

Reduce the number of situations where the waiter forgets to punch in an order or misses a takeout order because it’s hard to keep up with the different systems from third-party partnerships.

With online ordering, all your orders are registered in your POS system. Thus you can keep a simple overview of your orders and eliminate the risk of missing an order ever again.

More than a Online Ordering System


Your relationship with your regular guests.

Loyalty software that keeps your guests coming back for more delicious meals and fancy drinks. Build your own database of loyal guests and reward them with tailored discounts and offers.

Point of sale

All your restaurant’s business in one place.

Send all your mobile orders to your POS and streamline your restaurant’s operations. Get a better overview of your sales numbers, save time on reports and accounting, and make business decisions based on actual data.


What is online ordering for restaurants?

Online ordering systems allow restaurants to accept and manage orders placed online. These systems have two core functions. The first one lets users view the menu, place orders, and pay. The second one allows restaurateurs to receive orders and payments.

Should my restaurant have online ordering?

Online ordering is an extra revenue stream to add to your business. Mobile ordering systems have proven to increase the average order size and your restaurant table turnover. Moreover, they allow you to sell directly to your takeout customers and save you money on third-party food services.

How do online ordering systems work?

Online ordering systems allow your guests to place orders online and send those orders directly to the restaurant’s POS system. The orders are then printed out in the kitchen and the bar and prepared by the staff.

How much does an online ordering system cost?

You can choose to get an online ordering system developed exclusively for your restaurant. The initial cost of those can be over €10,000. In addition, you will need someone to update the system regularly.

Another option is to choose a system provider that will set up your ordering page/app and take care of hosting and updates. Such providers often have a one-time set-up fee and monthly and/or transaction fees.

Quickorder offers a free online ordering app and only charges you per transaction.

Which is the best online ordering system for restaurants in 2022?

The need for contactless ordering has grown a lot in the past year. To get the most out of an online ordering system, you need to choose a system that integrates with your point of sale and helps you grow your customer base and revenue.

To ensure that you offer the best service to your guests, find a system that provides regular updates and 24/7 support.

Quickorder can offer you all that and more. Book a meeting with one of our team members today.

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