Quickorder POS

The heart of your restaurant

A point of sale system that helps you make better decisions. Get to know your restaurant. Quickorder helps you make decisions based on data and simplify your daily operations. The system is intuitive and easy to use.

Manage your tables

Quickorder Table Management makes managing the tables in your restaurant intuitive and easy. Split a pizza. Split a bill. Any way your guests want to do it, it's customisable from guest to guest. Of course, your waiters have the complete overview and control.

Create a 2D overview of your restaurant for a complete overview

Customisable based on how your guests want to split the food or the bill

Create floor plans for several rooms and have full control of your whole restaurant

Customize order flow

Do you want to start with desserts? With Courses, you can customise the order flow to your guest's desires. Quickorder simplifies the communication between floor staff and the kitchen. As a result, you get more time to serve your guests and a better dining experience.

Customise order flow to your guest's desires

Simplify floor and kitchen communications

Perfectly time 3-course meals


Have a full business view of how your restaurant is doing and how to improve. For example, see which tables are performing best, which dishes. And even get real-time data to make decisions hour to hour. Manage your restaurant anywhere from your phone or computer.

See which tables and dishes perform best to make informed decisions

Make decisions from real-time data and manage your restaurant hour to hour

Manage your restaurant from anywhere at any time. Keep track of your business even on your vacation.

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