Restaurant Point of Sale

A POS system that scales your restaurant business. Our intuitive and easy-to-use POS simplifies your daily operations and provides you with all the data needed to make the right business decisions for your restaurant.

Manage your tables

Managing the tables in your restaurant is easy and intuitive. Split a pizza. Split a bill. Any way your guest requests their dinner or bill. Completely customisable from one guest to another. All of that, under the complete control and overview of your waiters.

Customise orders and bills according to your guests’ wishes

2D overview of your restaurant

Change your floor plans in seconds, so your waiters always know where to go

Customise order flow

Does your guest want to start their dinner with a dessert? With Courses, you can customise the order flow to your guest's desires. Simplify the communication between waiting and kitchen staff and minimise the risk of mistakes.

Customise the order flow to your guest's desires

Simplify the communication between your staff

Perfectly time full course dinners

Reports and analytics

Get a complete business overview of your restaurant performance. Spot which dishes sell the most and which tables bring in the most revenue. Track sales and make accurate forecasts based on real-time data.

Outline which tables and dishes bring in the most revenue

Make business decisions based on real-time data

Manage your restaurant online. Keep track of your business even on vacation.

Take the step towards a more profitable restaurant

Are you ready for a modern system? Book a meeting with our experts to learn how now!

A POS system for restaurants, cafés and takeaway

A POS system should fit the needs of your business. Specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industry, our systems focus on making the life of restaurateurs easier.

User-friendly POS system

No technical experience is required to use Quickorder POS. It’s as easy as plug and play!

Nonetheless, our Customer Success team will onboard you personally and help you run your restaurant at full capacity.

Unlimited 24/7 support

The POS support you have always dreamt of! We are here to help you during your peak hours, at 3 in the morning and even on New Year's Eve.

All the technical support you need, when you need it, for free.

Contactless payments

Handle transactions fast, easy and safe. Accept payments via contactless cards, mobile payment applications or gift cards. You can also let your guests pay at their convenience via mobile ordering.

Menu management

Are you running a special offer? Update your POS and online menus with a few clicks. From any mobile device, regardless of whether you are in the restaurant or not. Avoid misunderstandings between the kitchen and waiters, and always bill your guests correctly.


It’s easy to run multiple restaurants with Quickorder! All your reports are managed in one place. Get an overview of your restaurants’ performance and compare specific locations.

Third-party integrations

From card terminals to accounting. Our partners seamlessly integrate with Quickorder POS to help you save time, money and run your business more efficiently.

More than a POS system

Online ordering

Let your guest place their order and pay at the table. All via their phone.

Optimise your restaurant operations and free up your waiters from time-consuming tasks. Let your guests order an extra drink or pay without added waiting time.


Engage and reward first-time visitors and turn them into regular guests.

Sell more with coupons and discounts or offer cashback points that guests can spend on their next visit. Build a loyal guest database and learn more about your guests' food preferences and spending habits.

Staff management

Calculate and optimise your labour costs.

Connect your staff management software with your Quickorder POS and keep a complete overview of your restaurant’s revenue and expenses.


What is a restaurant POS system?

A restaurant POS system is a point of sale designed and optimized to process transactions within the restaurant industry. Core POS features include menu and order management, inventory management, customizable reporting, integrations with third-party applications such as online ordering, table reservations, staff management and accounting software.

Can an iPad be used as a POS system?

Some POS providers offer their software as iPad apps. In the restaurant industry, running POS software on an iPad or a handheld device, optimises the workflow, saves time and minimises the risk of mistakes when punching in an order.

What does a restaurant POS system cost?

The price for restaurant POS systems can vary from 75€ to over 200€ per month. The price difference is usually based on the additional functionalities POS providers offer, such as support, third-party integrations, loyalty programs etc.

Does mobile ordering integrate with the POS system?

Yes. Integrating your mobile ordering system with your POS brings all your dine-in and takeaway orders together. All orders are registered in the POS and printed in the kitchen/bar. Other key benefits include - improved efficiency in your restaurant, better service and minimal risk of missing an order, more accurate sales reports and analysis.

Which POS system is best for restaurants in 2022?

The expectations of POS systems in 2022 are pretty high. We recommend choosing a POS system developed for the restaurant industry to track inventory, offer loyalty features, and integrate with online ordering and accounting software. Furthermore, look for a system that provides free technical support around the clock and has low hardware costs. Book a demo with Quickorder

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