Staff Management

Simplify administration

Intuitive and straightforward schedule software that makes planning and coordinating child’s play. Happy employees make a happy business. We optimise your daily work and makes you and your staffs life easier.


You can message your staff, assign shifts and confirm shift changes in one app. Group your staff and send messages to the whole team or individual staff. Staff can even message each other and swap shifts.

Create shift plans both for groups and individuals in minutes

Approve and decline any done or requested changes

Like, comment and text internally both to groups or individuals

Punch Clock

With the punch clock in Staff Manager, your staff can punch in from their phone or check-in station. Whatever works best for them. In doubt, if you checked out late? With custom rules, you can remove confusion and adapt to your business hours.

Check in to work both from your phone or our check-in station

Minimize salary errors with precise time registration down to the second.

Adapt the clock to your business hours so even if you forget to clock out there is no issue.

Automate and minimize errors

Automation makes your life easier. For example, export your staff's schedules to your payroll system and save time: less manual administration and more time for your restaurant.

Get revenue automatically transferred for wage percentages

Export your numbers to your preferred Payroll system

Reduce manual salary calculation and administration

Take the step towards a more profitable restaurant

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